Vitamaze Biotin (hair, skin, nails ) full year supply


19000 CFA

Biotin high strength + zinc + selenium

365 tablets vegan

premium product, made in germany

A potent combination of essential vitamins for skin, hair growth and nails!

High strength with 10.000 µg Biotin (10 mg) in one tablet. One small tablet a day of the water-soluble vitamin B7 is all you need to benefit from the ideal combination of biotin with zinc and selenium.

An overdose is not possible because the excess ingredient is naturally excreted by the body.

10 mg of zinc und 55 µg of selenium per tablet meet 100% of the necessary daily dose with the best bioavailability.

  • 10.000 µg Biotin with 10 mg zinc and 55 µg selenium in one tablet
  • 365 vegan tablets for an uninterrupted 1-year supply
  • Without coating, easy-to-swallow or to ground into a powder

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