Isana med bodylotion Totes Meer 250ml

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7000 CFA

for very dry and sensitive skin

THE DEAD SEA – original source for valuable trace elements and for the unique composition of natural minerals. The natural powers of this salt were known in ancient times and were used for beauty and well-being.
The ISANA Med Body Lotion Dead Sea contains a rich active complex of original Dead Sea salt minerals, panthenol, chamomile extract and grape seed oil. Signs of dry skin like itching, feelings of tension and flaking are alleviated. This reduces the need to scratch. The skin feels softer and more relaxed.

Intensive care accompanying therapy for neurodermatitis and psoriasis (psoriasis):

WITHOUT perfume
Without dyes
WITHOUT mineral & paraffin oil
WITHOUT lanolin
This recipe is 100% microplastic free.
very dry, flaky & sensitive skin
Therapy accompanying care for psoriasis (psoriasis) and neurodermatitis
natural minerals & chamomile extract
cares for cracked skin
without perfume

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